Advisory Board

The Advisory Board of the School of Public Administration (ABSPA) is a group of distinguished and influential professionals dedicated to excellence in graduate education for service in government, public, and nonprofit sectors.

Vision Statement

ABSPA believes that the University of New Mexico's School of Public Administration is the State's highest quality, most relevant, most affordable, and most accessible resource for graduate education, research, and capacity-building for the public and nonprofit sectors throughout New Mexico.

Mission Statement

ABSPA members are ambassadors who promote the UNM School of Public Administration and work to advance its reputation. The board enhances the academic excellence of the School by providing advice to the Director on the School's direction, initiatives, and learning outcomes.


  • Klo Abeita, MPA
  • Jalila Arthur Brewer, MPA
  • Vic Berniklau, MPA
  • Cynthia Borrego, MPA
  • Jan Goodwin, MHA
  • Haley Kadish, MPA
  • Kelly Klundt, MPA
  • Jessica Lin, MHA
  • Kristina Ortez, MPA
  • Byron Piatt, MPA
  • Zane Reeves, MPA
  • Loc Truong, MPA
  • Renee Ward, MHA
  • Lori White, MHA
  • Carol Yarnall, MPA