MPA Curriculum

The Master Degree in Public Administration prepares men and women interested in public service and third sector careers for professional and management policy positions. Persons already employed or preparing to enter public service are encouraged to apply for admission. The interdisciplinary nature of the program is designed to utilize faculty resources in departments and colleges across the University and to offer students a wide choice in their professional preparation.


Curriculum below for those that were admitted after Fall 2018
MPA Course Completion Checklist

MPA students must complete a minimum of 42 credit hours for the degree that includes five components:

  • Core (12 credit hours)
  • Required Sequential Curriculum (9 credit hours)
  • Elective (18 credit hours or 15 cr hours if doing a thesis)  
  • Capstone (3 credit hours) or Professional Paper (3 credit hours) or Master's Thesis (6 credit hours)


The following core curriculum of 12 credit hours:

Required Sequential

The following required sequential curriculum of 9 credit hours:


Electives consist of any PADM courses outside the core, required sequential, and capstone/professional paper/thesis curriculum. If you are interested in a graduate course outside of PADM course offerings, please submit an elective substitution form for approval to

Capstone / Professional Paper / Thesis 

Three options to complete your M.P.A graduate degree.


Curriculum below for those that were admitted before Fall 2018
MPA Course Completion Checklist