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Student Association of Healthcare Administrators (SAHA)

SAHASAHA is a graduate student organization at the University of New Mexico where students interested in healthcare administration can come together. The organization's mission is to provide opportunities for students to interact with peers and healthcare industry leaders in order to develop the professional skills and networks vital to achieving their career goals. 

For participation information, please contact SAHA's Advisor or connect with the organization through SAHA's Facebook page.

Event - Cancelled


4.6.avalovellAva Lovell is a CPA with 30+ years of financial management experience, including work for a national auditing firm and several Fortune 500 companies. Ms. Lovell began at UNM in 1994 and gained experience in the offices of Research Accounting, Property Accounting, Accounts Payable, Financial Reporting and Financial Systems. Later, she served as Associate University Controller, Project Director for Banner Finance and Associate Vice President for Financial Services at the UNM Health Sciences Center. In October 2007, she accepted the position of Vice President and University Controller over both main campus and UNM Health Sciences Center Financial Services. She started her present position as Senior Executive Officer for Finance and Administration on July 1, 2012. Ms. Lovell’s current responsibilities include fiscal and administrative oversight for the Health Sciences Center’s academic, research and health system enterprises.

Ms. Lovell received her Master of Health Administration from the University of Southern California and a Bachelor of Science degree in accountancy from Northern Arizona University.

Contact Erik Beilman, Communications Chair, for questions. Click here for past SAHA speakers


SPA SAHA Advisor


Dr. Nick Edwardson


Scheduled Meeting

April 3rd @ 12pm, DSH 132