Professor Cartwright Co-Led a Study Abroad Program for Emory University in London, England

June 6, 2016


Professor Kate Cartwright co-led a study abroad program on Comparative Healthcare Systems in London, England, for Emory University with Emory Professor Emeritus John Boli. This course focused on issues and problems in health care delivery in Great Britain and the United States in addition to other countries. Emphasis was on the structure and outcomes of the US and UK health care systems, contrasting their evolution and current states, which included guest lectures from British professors and practitioners at University College London.

The class conducted site visits to the University College London Hospital emergency department, St. Christopher’s Hospice (the first hospice of the modern hospice movement), a general practitioner’s office, and the headquarters of the British Medical Association. Students’ culminating assessment was a hands-on survey research experience exploring British citizens’ views of the National Health Service (NHS).