Degree Requirements

Graduating from the Master of Public Administration (MPA) program requires students to successfully complete 42 credits of coursework with a minimum grade of B, covering various subjects in public administration, ensuring a thorough understanding of the field. The coursework includes completing a capstone project, which serves as a culminating experience where students apply their accumulated knowledge and skills to address a real-world problem in public, nonprofit, or tribal administration, demonstrating their ability to integrate their learning practically. Students without relevant professional experience are required to complete a practicum as part of the coursework. Those with experience may request a waiver.

Course Formats

Students applying for admission to the online MPA program beginning in Fall 2024 can expect to take asynchronous online courses with no required meeting times. Contact Rachel Torano-Mark, the MPA program advisor, at for more information about online course formats and their availability.

Master of Public Administration Core (21 credit hours)

Master of Public Administration Practicum (3 credit hours) 

Master of Public Administration Electives (15 credit hours)

Master of Public Administration Capstone/Professional Paper/Thesis (3)