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Assistant Professor Publishes with a Top-Rated Journal in the PA Field

Posted: November 2017

Dr. Leon-MoretaDr. Agustín León-Moreta, assistant professor in the School of Public Administration at UNM, published an article in the Public Administration Review (PAR). PAR has been the premier journal in the field of public administration research and theory for more than 75 years. PAR is the only journal in public administration that serves academics, practitioners, and students interested in the public sector and public sector management.  

The article, titled "Social Context, Institutional Capacity, and Police Services: A Local Public Economies Perspective," examines the levels of policing services that focus on an assessment of resources and their measurement for municipalities. Two measures of policing levels assess the reliability of the findings across alternative measurements. Social and institutional characteristics are explored to evaluate alternative explanations in policing efforts. The article presents four decades of census data for municipalities in metropolitan areas. The central finding is that unequal levels of policing are prevalent across American municipalities. An additional finding is that social and institutional contexts affect policing, based on a pooled time-series analysis of municipal governments. 

Dr. León-Moreta's research interests include public budgeting and financial management, local government institutions, and urban studies. His work has been published and is forthcoming in Public Administration Review, American Review of Public Administration, Public Administration Quarterly, State and Local Government Review, and Urban Studies