Financial Resources

Financial resources for those looking to enroll or are already enrolled in the School of Public Administration (SPA):

School of Public Administration's Albert H. Rosenthal Fellowships

When Ferrell Heady, UNM president from 1968 to 1975, came to the University from a public administration background, he recognized the need for a school in that field at UNM. He called on a friend and fellow member of the American Society for Public Administration, Albert Rosenthal. His mandate to Rosenthal was not only to set up the school's curriculum but also to find the funding and to recruit the students. Rosenthal won a three-year NASA grant money with a two-year extension to begin the Program for Advanced Study in Public Service Policy and Administration at UNM. This program matured into the Division, and later, the School of Public Administration.

Before his death in 2004, Rosenthal set up a charitable remainder trust for his two sisters. When they passed, the assets would benefit the public administration department at UNM. UNM has received half of the trust, to be split between merit-based scholarships and professorships in Rosenthal's name. This legacy funds the award of the Albert H. Rosenthal Fellowships for graduate students.

Each semester, the School of Public Administration provides awards of up to $1,000 each to students based on their academic accomplishments. These funds provide critical support for many new and returning students as the MPA Program caters to non-traditional students. Remarkably, the Rosenthal Fellowships provide support for over twenty-five students each year. Such support can offset the cost of tuition or books for students and can help reduce the need for external funding such as student loans or other debt.

The Albert H. Rosenthal Fellowship Endowment is a major source of financial support for students in the MPA Program and a fitting tribute to the man, instrumental in the development and growth of the School of Public Administration. To be considered, please complete this aid application and submit it to the SPA office at

School of Public Administration Graduate Assistantship

There is a limited number of Graduate Assistantships available at the School of Public Administration. A Graduate Assistantship is a financial award to a graduate student for part-time work while pursuing study toward an advanced degree. See the Graduate Assistant Guidelines for more information. SPA does not offer assistantships for the Summer term. Applications are accepted until April 1 for the Fall semester and October 1st for the Spring semester. Complete your's today.

Anne J. Brown Scholarship for UNM MPA Students

The Anne J. Brown Scholarship is offered through the UNM Alumni Association. Download the list of selection criteria for the award. Check the UNM Alumni website for the application form.

Sandra Weeke's Endowment Fund

The Sandra Weeke Scholarship Fund was established by her family to commemorate the life and work of UNM School of Public Administration Master of Public Administration (MPA) alumna, Sandra B. Weeke. The Sandra B. Weeke Scholarship is awarded to support students enrolled in the MPA program at the UNM School of Public Administration that are single parents. Check the criteria to apply for consideration.

Non-SPA Financial Resources for Graduate Students:

Graduate Studies

Learn more about funding possibilities for graduate students at UNM through the Office of Graduate Studies. UNM provides graduate student funding in a variety of forms, including service awards, such as assistantships, and non-service awards, such as fellowships, grants, and scholarships. Additionally, you can apply for support based solely on need, in the form of work-study and loans, through the University Financial Aid Office.

Graduate and Professional Student Association (GPSA)

GPSA offers several types of funding for graduate students and organizations on campus. Visit GPSA to find out more.

Graduate Resource Center (GRC)

For more funding opportunities, check the Graduate Resource Center for a comprehensive list of funding sources for graduate students.

Financial Resources for International Students

Please contact the Global Education Office (GEO) for further financial resources that may be available, such as the AMIGO Scholarship.