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Shared-Credit Degree Program

Bachelor of Liberal Arts / Master of Public Administration Shared-Credit Degree Program

Shared Credit Flyer

Traditionally, students are not able to begin their graduate degree until their undergraduate degree is completed. However, the School of Public Administration and Liberal Arts & Integrated Studies program have partnered to offer an accelerated way to complete both the Bachelor of Liberal Arts (BLA) degree and the Master of Public Administration (MPA) degree. Qualifying students can earn graduate credit towards an MPA degree during their senior academic year in the Bachelor of Liberal Arts (BLA) degree program. Essentially, a year after obtaining your BLA degree, you may earn an MPA degree as well!

The BLA requires a minimum of 120 undergraduate credit hours and the MPA requires 42 graduate credit hours. In this Shared-Credit program, 18 of the MPA graduate credits (6 courses) are taken during the senior year of a student's BLA degree program and the credits are "shared" to both the MPA and BLA degree requirements. Thus, this reduces the time needed to complete the two degrees, compared to the traditional model, and results in significant savings. 

Applicant Criteria

The School of Public Administration is looking for BLA's best and brightest bunch that satisfy the program's invite requirements. For consideration, the BLA/MPA Shared-Credit applicant must have a grade point average (GPA) of 3.25 or greater and have completed at least 90 credit hours while taking an average student's workload (4-6 courses) a semester. 

Program's steps and a suggested graduating timeline

Application timeline for the spring and fall semester 

Suggested undergraduate courses to be better prepared for the MPA program's curriculum

If you have questions or are interested in the BLA/MPA Shared-Credit Degree program 
contact / 505.277.1092 to arrange an appointment with the program's MPA coordinator