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PADM Courses at UNM & The MPA Program

While all PADM courses are taught face-to-face, the majority of PADM courses use two-way video conferencing technology (OSYNC-1) to give educational access to students at locations distant from the UNM main campus in Albuquerque. ZOOM connects students with each other and their instructors in classrooms that reach across and beyond the state.

ZOOM is used through a learning management system called UNM Learn. There, students access course content and interact with instructors and classmates using a variety of tools such as email, discussion boards, web pages, web conferencing systems, and multimedia technologies.  

SPA "Online" Courses

Synchronous Online (OSYNC-1) - has fixed meeting times. Students log in at a scheduled time through UNM Learn, often weekly, to participate in the course. 

MPA Course Schedules

(Space availability and CRNs to PADM courses can be found at







For typical course offerings within the MPA degree program, please see SPA's Two-Year Course Schedule or contact Gene Henley at 505.277.1095. As well, please visit the Office of the Registrar for additional course information.