Master's in Public Administration (MPA)

The Master Degree in Public Administration prepares men and women interested in public service and third sector careers for professional and management policy positions. Persons already employed or preparing to enter public service are encouraged to apply for admission. The interdisciplinary nature of the program is designed to utilize faculty resources in departments and colleges across the University, and to offer students a wide choice in their professional preparation.

Dual Degrees

The School of Public Administration offers joint degree programs with the School of Law and the School of Architecture and Planning.

MPA/JD Degree Program
This dual degree program is designed for students interested in legal careers in the public sector and governmental lobbying, including all levels of government. In this program, a student can earn degrees in law and public administration in about four years. In the first year, the student enrolls in the School of Public Administration (SPA) and completes one year in the program. In the second year, the student enrolls in the School of Law and takes first-year law courses. In the third and fourth years, the student takes selected law and public administration electives. The student must gain the consent of both the Law School Dean and the Public Administration Director in choosing courses for any semester. The law school accepts six hours of public administration credits toward its degree requirements, and the SPA accepts six hours of law credit toward the MPA degree requirements. It is important to note that the applicant must be admitted to both the Law School and the School of Public Administration.

MPA/MCRP Degree Program
The Master of Public Administration (MPA) and Master of Community and Regional Planning (MCRP) dual degree addresses the needs of students who desire public, private or non-profit careers in leadership positions requiring professional skill in community and regional planning and public administration. The program enables students to develop key knowledge and experience necessary to assess public needs, determine public goals and objectives, develop community-based strategies, and manage and resolve public disputes. Students admitted to the dual degree program typically aim to become administrators and/or managers in planning projects or programs working with local citizens, special districts, and local, state and federal public agencies. Graduates also work in a variety of consulting situations with community-based for-profit and non-profit clients. Students may earn the MPA/MCRP degree in 60 hours, approximately two-thirds the time it would normally take to earn both degrees separately (92 credit hours are required separately - 50 in CRP and 42 in PADM). SPA CRP Dual Degree Program Checklist