UNM School of Public Administration Directors:

1969 – Dr. Albert H. Rosenthal
1971 - Dr. David R. Jones (Acting)
1974 - Dr. Leonard Stitleman
1981 - Dr. T. Zane Reeves
1987 - Dr. F. Lee Brown
1993 - Dr. Bruce Perlman (Interim)
1996 - Dr. Alistair Preston
1997 - Dr. T. Zane Reeves
2001 - Dr. Kenneth Baker
2004 - Dr. Bruce Perlman
2006 - Dr. Lee Brown (Interim)
2007 - Dr. Uday Desai
2012– Dr. Amy Wohlert (Acting)
2014 – Dr. Mario Rivera (Interim)
2015 – Dr. Phillip (Felipe) Gonzales

The School of Public Administration

MSC05 3100
1 University of New Mexico
Albuquerque, NM 87131

Physical Location:
Social Sciences Building
Room 3022

Phone: (505) 277-1092
Fax: (505) 277-2529

Meet SPA's Director

Director Dr. Phillip Gonzales

 The University of New Mexico School of Public Administration's (SPA) director, Dr. Phillip (Felipe) Gonzales, was appointed by Dr. Mark Peceny, Dean of Arts and Sciences, as the Director of the School of Public Administration on Friday, Aug. 21, 2015. Dr. Gonzales began his two-year term last September 1st.

Dr. Gonzales returned to his native New Mexico after earning his Ph.D. at the University of California, Berkeley in 1985 to join UNM’s Department of Sociology.  In his distinguished career at UNM, Dr. Gonzales has served as the Director of the Southwest Hispanic Research Institute, Chair of the Department of Sociology, and as Senior Associate Dean in the College of Arts and Sciences.  

Dr. Gonzales is the 12th SPA director since the School’s inception in 1969.

If you would like to arrange an appointment with the Director, please contact the School of Public Administration at 505.277.1092 or email.  


Congratulations to Dr. Phillip (Felipe) Gonzales on His Recent Publication!

PoliticaA scholar of race and ethnicity, social movements, and Latino studies, Dr. Gonzales has completed a 1080 page book manuscript that presents a comprehensive political and social history of New Mexico. Entitled Política: Nuevomexicanos and American Political Incorporation, 1821-1910, it was recently published by the University of Nebraska Press (2016).

Política offers a revisionist understanding of the early political incorporation of Mexican-origin peoples into the U.S. body politic in the nineteenth century. Dr. Gonzales reexamines the fundamental issue in New Mexico’s history, namely, the dramatic shift in national identities initiated by Nuevomexicanos when their province became ruled by the United States. Dr. Gonzales provides critical insights into several discrete historical processes, such as U.S. racialization and citizenship, integration and marginalization, accommodation and resistance, internal colonialism, and the long struggle for political inclusion in the borderlands, shedding light on debates taking place today over Latinos and U.S. citizenship.  

“Gonzales offers us a fascinating glimpse into the yearnings and actions of New Mexico’s politicos in the years following the United States’ war with Mexico. Far from being mere victims of conquest, these politicos were astute agents of power who shaped the political system and pioneered Latino politics in the United States.”—John Nieto-Phillips, author of The Language of Blood: The Making of Spanish-American Identity in New Mexico, 1880s–1930