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MHA Practicum Presentations

Practicum Presentations

At the end of the MHA practicum experience, students present what they have accomplished to the MHA community, including faculty, preceptors, fellow students, and community partners. All are welcome to attend the formal public presentation. This presentation will focus on the specific deliverable which showcases each student’s application of classroom learning to a “real world” healthcare setting. The student’s preceptor is also expected to attend this presentation.

Spring 2019 Practicum Presentations

Details below:

Practicum Presentations Spring 2018

Practicum Calendar

Semester the Practicum is to be completed:

Contact MHA Practicum Coordinator for initial interest
Spring - October 1
Summer - March 1st
Fall - March 1st

Identify a site and submit for approval with MHA Practicum Coordinator
Spring - November 1st
Summer - April 1st
Fall - April 1st

Develop Practicum Plan document
Spring - November 30th
Summer - April 30th
Fall - April 30th

Agreement signed by site preceptor, student, and MHA Practicum Coordinator*
Spring - December 10th
Summer - May 10th
Fall - May 10th

Begin work at the site
Spring - 1st day of Spring Term
Summer - 1st Day of Summer Term
Fall - 1st Day of Fall Term

*Note: The agreement indicates a formal commitment on the part of both the MHA student and the practicum site, and should be treated as a contract by the MHA student.