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Carl Hatch Endowment Professorship in Law and Public Administration

Former U.S. Senator Carl Hatch

This endowment was established in 1980 to honor the late U.S. Senator Carl Hatch (pictured right). Carl Atwood Hatch was a Democratic Party politician from New Mexico who represented New Mexico in the United States Senate from 1933 until 1949 and was later appointed by President Harry S. Truman to a seat on the United States District Court for the District of New Mexico from 1949 until his death in 1963. Former UNM President William E. Davis said, "It is most appropriate that our first endowed chair should honor a man who gave so much to New Mexico and to the nation." 

Much like a Regents Professorship, this fund awards a professorship to a current faculty member for up to a three-year term. 

The award amount may be used by the recipient as a salary supplement or for support of research and scholarship, or a combination thereof.

If you would like to support the Carl Hatch Endowed Professorship in Law and Public Administration, please contact UNM’s School of Public Administration Office at (505) 277-5873.

Carl Hatch Chair Ceremony

Carl Hatch Endowed Professors:

Public Administration Recipients

Dr. Roli Varma, (2014-17)
Professor, University of New Mexico School of Public Administration

Dr. Bruce Perlman, (2001-04)
Regents' Professor, University of New Mexico School of Public Administration

Dr. Deil S. Wright, (1986-87)
Professor Emeritus, University of North Carolina

Dr. Harold Enarson, (1985-86)
Professor Emeritus, Ohio State University

Dr. Dwight Waldo, (1984-85)
Professor Emeritus, Syracuse University

Sarah Weddington, J.D., (1982-83)
Professor Emeritus, University of Texas School of Law