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PADM 553 Traditional Professional Paper


The Professional Paper provides students with the opportunity to explore a topic of interest and to gain experience with independent research and analysis.


The Professional Paper committee consists of three members: Chair, First Reader, Second Reader. The student identifies a SPA faculty member willing to chair the Committee and act as the student's principle advisor. The student selects, in consultation with the Chair, two additional committee members, referred to as First Reader and Second Reader. The student works closely with the advisor from the beginning of the idea for the pro-paper to its final acceptance by the University. When the Professional Paper Chair has approved the paper for review, it is submitted to the First and Second Readers for comments. The student revises the paper, incorporating the changes suggested by the First and Second Readers, and submits the revised paper to all three members of the committee.

After all three members have approved the final version of the paper, the Academic Advisor obtains their signatures on the Report of Examination. The student then submits the Report of Examination and an electronic copy of the professional paper to Gene Henley, MPA Academic Advisor, at